The Must Do’s in Bali

1. Dolphin Watching at Lovina Beach

We got to Lovina Beach right before sunrise after about a two and a half hour drive north from Denpasar. We seemed to be the first ones there, so we charged our phones at a small cafe and waited for our queue. The guides were ready to go, and we stuffed our belongings in a waterproof pouch and headed out to sea. The view was amazing as we watched the sun rise while cruising in the middle of the ocean. The boat sailed away….and away….and away…and away. All of our patience had seeped to the bottom of the boat, which seemed to drag us through the water at a very slow pace. If we were in a race, we would have definitely came in last place.  No signs of “Flipper” anywhere.  At that very last peak of lost hope, our guide shouted in his foreign language that we were able to translate into “look”!  There they were, bobbing like apples with fins all over the place. It was almost as if they planned this surprise. What an unforgettable experience that was worth every millisecond that we waited.


2. Bali Beach Shack

This place definitely has potential. The live band was super talented and topped off our night with an old Prince classic, “Purple Rain”. The electric guitarist came through those strings and pinched our souls. He was so amazing. The lead singer was awesome from start to finish, and we really enjoyed the show. The Drag Cabaret then began with featured performances from some of the best looking, drag, divas I have ever seen. They were simply gorgeous! However, towards the end of the show things seemed to fall out-of-place. The enthusiasm from these performers began to decline. One of them began crying on stage, and you can tell that something was wrong, but they tried so hard to pull it together. This made me question the conditions of their situation, but you never know with showbiz? The food and drinks were mediocre and a little pricey compared to other restaurants in Bali. Only cash was accepted, where it probably would have been more convenient if they accepted cards. Overall, I would definitely go again. The performers were fun. Check it out.



3. ATV Riding

This was loads of fun! This experience was my first time and will be continuous from this point on. We road through many different terrains including through mud trails, the jungle, the streets,  villages, and even rice fields. Prepare to get dirty and wet and wear some sports gloves.


4. Water Rafting

I am no stranger to water rafting. I try to do it every chance that I get. The intensity of rafting is always dependent upon the wind and the weather. We went in April, which was hot and humid with very little wind.  Therefore, there was not much action going on in the river. However, we still enjoyed ourselves. The views from the river were just breathtaking and brought about this peaceful ambiance that one cannot deny.

5. Uluwatu Temple

Here we watched a cultural dance show that was very captivating. We watched as the natural setting was staged with incense burning for the welcoming of the ancient spirits, and the sun settled into the sea in the background which added to the sensation of the story line. It was a good show. Bring a pillow to sit on. You will thank me forever!

6. Ubud Monkey Forest

Do you want to be used and abused by little monkeys? This is the place to go. There are literally monkeys everywhere, and they want your banana! Don’t be intimidated though, the monkey’s are harmless, but they will challenge you to a game of tug-a-war if you are not careful. If you want a personal interaction with them, pay a buck or two for some bananas and watch the monkeys swing from your limbs like you’re a human tree.

7.  Munduk Waterfalls

Munduk is probably one of many waterfalls to choose from.  Any waterfall is a gorgeous thing to see. The climb was just a little challenging, so bring comfortable shoes. It was not so touristy with too many people. We were also able to get great shots, and we could have even went for a splash if we wanted to.

8. Twin Lakes

The view was amazing.  Uggghhh! Bali is such a beautiful place. We stopped here to capture the view and was even accompanied by oversize bats that didn’t seem to mind the sun as opposed to its nocturnal counterparts. These fruit bats didn’t seem to mind our company either. They didn’t even mind being held, and I can honestly say that they looked like cute, furry looking, little bears with wings.

9. Hot Springs

There are a couple of hot springs in Bali, however, to answer questions that most may have. There is nothing really hot about them. Yes! The water is a little warm, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them hot, but who am I right? Here I am, just touring a foreign land with no sense of self. “Errrrrccccchh….pump your brakes!” I know exactly who I am, and I graduated from “Scorching Hot Showers University” and with my recent study, I came to the conclusion that the waters of the Hot Springs in Banjur Village is not hot! However, the Hot Springs is said to have healing powers. This is a sacred place. Bring your negative, tampered souls and cleanse your spirit in these sulfuric healing waters of a hot spring in Bali!

10. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot, also known as “The Floating Temple” is also a must see. Its geography gives off the illusion of a secluded temple floating in the middle of the ocean. This place can get a little touristy so get there early or later in the evening. Try some local cuisines and sit out on the lawn and enjoy the view. What a precious gym!

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