5 Fun Things To Do In Athens

When we think of the country, Greece, we may reference back to our childhood to the mystical stories we have been told about mythology. We were taught that these tales were stories of morality, fables, and virtue. However, many of us fail to understand that Greek mythology was, and still is, an actual religion. Now that is interesting to know and has absolutely nothing to do with this blog! We just thought you’d find that interesting, so let’s just cut the chaser and go straight to the shot. Athens! What to do? We got five chances at this to help you at least try out one of our suggestions. Like to see it? Well, here it goes!


Ehhhhhh…we get it! Seems boring right? Welllll….hate to say it, but it is! However, don’t be deceived by the boredom. Acropolis can fulfill your educational agenda, in which we would like to believe is an important part of traveling right? Right? This place brings your childhood imagination into real life, well temporarily at least. Pick this place apart. Rent a guide and learn, a more in-depth, history about the place. Peep out the statues with stolen body parts whose remaining pieces can be found all over the world. If you are the type to pay attention to detail, you will notice the intricacies of these carvings, from the design of their clothing, to the coily hair textures, to the missing noses on most of the statues, and so much more. There is definitely a history here. If you look, you can find it. If not, move in and move out! The least you will get out of it is a beautiful, panoramic view!

2. Have Dinner in the Sky

This has to be one of the most funnest things to do here, and you have to try it at least once. It really isn’t as intimidating as it looks. This experience is a must, and the food isn’t half as bad.

3. Watch the Changing of the Guards & Stroll the City

The biggest challenge of this experience for most is probably trying to catch the guards slipping. Look for signs of perspiration, watch their eyes to see if they blink, tell your most funniest joke and get them laugh. Now if you can witness a reaction, congratulations, you probably finally accomplished something in your life! Don’t get too close though. You don’t want those types of problems! After the ceremony, cross the street, walk around, and sight see. There are restaurants, bars, and shopping galore!

4. Have Unusual Cocktails at MoMix Bar

Not only are these drinks delicious, but they are creative and just makes you want to look at them all day long. These people make the kind of cocktails that will tap into all of your senses, from flavored brain matter floating in your tumbler, to capsule shots that will explode in your mouth.

5. Try A Different Kind of Escape Game at Allou Fun Park


Volcano Island is an escape room at Allou Funk Park. Who doesn’t love escape rooms? This is one of the best activities to experience with close friends, coworkers, and even family members, however, have you ever tried one where you may leave with bumps, scratches, and bruises? Yes! Get ready to do some physical work, and you may even get wet. Volcano Island is where the escape room meets Fear Factor and don’t worry…WHEN you lose, you can go play with the children on the merry-go-round at the fun park.

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