The 9 Do’s and Dont’s of Singapore

Singapore has recently paved the way for tourism with an airport that most wouldn’t mind being stranded at. The Changi Airport features amenities that you may find at your biggest convention centers, luxury hotels, or even attractions that you may seek beyond city limits. However, once you do decide to explore the city of Singapore, there are some do’s and don’ts that you may want to adhere by.

1. DO NOT Expect WiFi in public places!

Are you thinking that you will be able to save some coins by using available WiFi in public places? Well think again! Talking about stingy with the WiFi? Well Singapore it is! Don’t even think about leeching onto an unsecured network that may be floating around either. If you get caught, you may be fined a hefty fine, or even be faced with jail time for up to 3 years! Get a data card, mobile hotspot, or international data plan to serve your internet needs!

2. DO have plenty of money!

Now, when we say money, we are not talking about cash at hand. We are pretty much saying to “scratch Singapore off of your list of budget trips”. Singapore can be a place of, what I like to call, “petty buying”. Things like paying for syrup for your pancakes will have you sniffing your nose!

3. DO leave your bad habits at home!

Wanna ditch your bad habits? Take a rehabilitation trip to Singapore. In America, if you got caught chewing gum in school, you got detention scrubbing used gummy rocks from under the desks of your peers. Well, in Singapore there is another type of detention called JAIL. Get caught with gum, smoking in public, or even throwing your cigarette buds or gum wrappers on the floor and face a fine and possible jail time.

4. DO NOT go to Universal Studios without the kids!

Universal Studios in Singapore may seem a little left behind in comparison to those in other countries. This amusement park may not be very amusing for adults, however, if you do decide to go with a couple of friends, your most excitement would most likely come from the Sci-Fi City Zone or the Hollywood Zone of the park. Definitely try out the “Transformers Ride”. It is a virtual interactive ride that you may want to ride more than once.

5. DO take the cable cart and explore!

Take the cable cart and explore the city. It’s panoramic views are breathtaking and there is so much to do such as: beaches, restaurants, shopping, zip lining, surfing, indoor sky diving, museums, theme parks, a casino, and so much more. Plan a whole day or two on your visit. It is well worth it.

6. DO experience the night life at Clarke Quay!

If you could appreciate a nice, good, live band then this is the place for you.  There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs to suit your needs. Rather you are looking for a night of some hot and spicy salsa, some old school pop, some hip hop or Caribbean, you won’t be disappointed. You may even find yourself bar hopping from one entertainment to the next.

7. You DO NOT need to be overly cautious in Singapore!

Singapore is rated one of the safest places in the world. Who can imagine with the possibility of going to jail for chewing gum, right?

8. DO NOT Tip!

As an American, our palms are so itchy to tip right? It is to the point where a feeling of guilt will haunt your psyche whenever you walk away from a table of a restaurant after dining. It just doesn’t feel right, right? Well don’t! They may already charge the fee to your bill anyways. Although it is allowed, it really isn’t necessary or expected. Trust me, after paying for things like the syrup for your pancakes, it would be a lot easier to walk away with all of your coins in your tight fist.

9. DO reconsider staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, but DO visit!

The price for a room is really not worth it, because the rooms are pretty basic, however, the view is breathtaking, but you don’t have to get a room to be able to capture the view. The Marina Sands is a convention center full of so much to do. It does make it difficult to have to leave for anything. From a shopping mall, to multiple restaurants, to a museum, you can even take a little indoor boat ride, take a stroll in a botanical garden, see the view from the observation deck, turn up at rooftop sky bar, and even swim in an infinity pool.


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