How Santorini Made Me Have Several Seats: “Don’t Worry”

No matter where you go, all types of communication is important. Frequent travelers would understand that travel life is a lot more convenient when you learn the language of the country you decide to visit. Often times languages are broken up into different dialects, and even within those dialects are hidden slang uses among the locals.  Even in America, the majority population speaks English, however, there are varieties of the English language that one may notice being practiced by specific ethnic groups, age groups, and even geographical locations that may turn the American English into a modern day Babel.  However, while mastering the art of communication, there is one place that forced me to do some self reflecting.


Just the hustle and bustle of busy airports and long, agonizing flights would have you stressed out before you even reach your destination.  The traveling public is a rough crowd to deal with at times, and you are almost never prepared for it. After touching down in Athens, Greece, I headed to the transfer counter to receive my transfer ticket to Santorini. I had ample time before my connection, so I patiently waited in line until it was my turn to be assisted.

“Alright! Next!” Said the airline representative. It was my turn.  I provided her with my passport and all the information she needed to print my boarding pass.

Well, here goes the great news! “Ma’am, we don’t have you on our flight roster for this flight,” she said while handing me back my passport.

I giggled, because this was an obvious mistake. I pushed my passport back into her hand and told her to look again.  I provided her with my bag tag receipts in hopes that it would assist her with the search for my reservation.  “As you can see, my bags are probably already on that plane. The final destination says Santorini right there,” I pointed and smiled.

She had a look of confusion. She explained that she didn’t know how that happened. Before I knew it, she had called the backup dream team to try to figure out this unusual, scientific equation that was presented before them. I stood there patiently as they discussed the “sensitive, classified” secrets among themselves. I even provided them with my itinerary, which seemed to have thrown the wench in the wheel. This seemed to have taken forever and time was no longer my BFF. “I’m not going to make it. Am I?” I asked with concern.


“Don’t worry,” Replied the agent.

“I have 40 minutes. Do you see that security line? Are you guys going to walk me to the front?” I began to get a little frustrated.

“Don’t worry ma’m. You will make your flight.”

They sent me back and forth between counters trying to resolve the situation. By the time I finally received my ticket, I had 20 minutes to get to my gate. Oh! Now I wanted to blow up earth! I was almost sure that I wasn’t going to make it, and the “Dream Team” was adamant about not needing to escort me. I headed to the security checkpoint designated for my gate. The signs pointed left and I followed. Well, cut my legs off and call me shorty! This checkpoint was literally behind the ticket counters…and even better…nobody was in line! I literally walked right through. To add the Oreo crunches to that chocolate, fudge sundae, the gate was right in front of the security exit!

The travel, Greek God (it had to be Zues cause ain’t no way in Hades this could have happened at any other airport) was on my side that day and throughout my whole trip in Santorini, and I was taught a valuable lesson.  The locals often frequented the same quote, “Don’t worry.”  This has got to have been the most nonchalant, laid back group of people that I have ever encountered thus far.  When our orders weren’t correct, “Don’t worry!” When we fell off of our horses, “Don’t Worry!”  When our driver was late or didn’t show up, “Don’t Worry!” When our luggage got lost, “Don’t worry!”And in fact…that is what we learned to do.   We didn’t worry, and no matter how things turned for a loop, absolutely everything worked out in our favor.  I can say for myself that Santorini humbled me quite a bit, and I no longer worry about things I have no control over.  When they tell you, “Don’t worry”, in Sanotini…DON”T WORRY, otherwise, you will look like a fool for being the only one pressed while on vacation. These people are unbothered. We were told that there are approximately 10 police officers on the island and we never got to see any of them. Now that’s the life!



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