Papi’s Birthday List

Papi is an orphan with a birthday list, but not a list that is as common as you may think. Learn what it means to be humble and grateful for the things we have. There are things we may take for granted, but don’t worry, Papi celebrates his birthday by giving us ten reasons why we shouldn’t take those things for granted. Count with Papi from one to ten, as he checks off his list of desires that he believes can lead him to something far more greater. This numbers book is full of vibrant, colorful, double page illustrations. It teaches us to be grateful for the things we have, and it also teaches us that dreams don’t always have to be tangible.

Papi’s Birthday List

Written by: Justina Predelus

Kindle: $7.99

Paperback: $13.99

Hardback: $24.99

Papi’s Birthday List Music Video

Produced by EazyBaby (THE DOPEBOYZ) and Justina Predelus

Papi has a birthday list, but not just any birthday list! This music video will have you dancing and counting along with Papi on his birthday! Find out what’s on his list and check out the book “Papi’s Birthday List”. Available today!

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