8 Fun Things to Do in Phuket, Thailand


1. An Elephant Sanctuary

This has got to be one of the most rewarding experience for animal lovers ever! Thailand has a few elephant sanctuaries where you can spend, from a couple of hours, to a whole day with these majestic beasts. It is a very intimate experience and does not compare to some of the elephant “riding” tours, that I have seen offered with many tour companies. Please! Do a sanctuary where the animals are respected and cared for properly. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has an awesome program for visitors, featuring half day and full day visits. This experience is worth every penny.

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2. Rum Distillery

It’s very interesting to see how other countries manufacture their own products.  It was a first hand experience visiting the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery. Here, we took a tour around the facility and was briefed on the production of their rum by way of sugar cane, and we even had a little cocktail workshop to top it off.  It was fun, and we were taught how to make about 4-5 different cocktails, and best thing of it all is…we got to drink them afterwards. The rum has a distinct taste that I personally wasn’t too fond of, however, to each is own. There are a lot of things that most favor, that I don’t (especially pertaining to alcohol), so experience it for yourself. Our little workshop package even came with tapas (which also wasn’t my favorite), however the experience made up for it conclusively. After a couple of hours there, we noticed some of the staff setting up for a live salsa band to perform later on that night. We missed it, but I am pretty sure it was entertaining. This place has a nice, intimate vibe that would be great for a group of friends or a romantic couple.

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3. A Small Island Tour

There are loads of  small island tours to choose from. Phuket SRC Travel is the company that we chose among the many. James Bond Island, Coral Island, and Phi Phi Island are all some of the most popular islands that people visit.  Most of these tours include activities such as canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, shopping, etc.  Choose which tour works for you.

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4. Breakfast at Zürich Bread Factory and Cafe

Zürich Bread Factory and Cafe has got to have one of the best breakfasts I have ever had in Thailand. The bread literally melts in your mouth and everything is freshly made. Breakfast included, tea or coffee, croissants, eggs, bacon, sausage, and we even ordered some pancakes on the side.  I believe our meal for two people totaled to about $12 USD.  You can’t beat that!

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5.  Baan Teelanka-Upside Down House

Baan Teelanka is an amusing place of refuge for anyone, both kids and adults, to let loose and just have some fun.  You can practice your modeling skills by displaying the right pose for the best illusion upside down shot, while your aspiring photographer can practice his/her angles to bring that illusion to life.  There are other activities to choose from here such as:  an escape game (that was pretty challenging), a human maze, a 9D virtual cinema, and even a drunk house that truly throws your equilibrium off scale.

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6. Phuket Trickeye Museum

This is another activity for the big kid at heart. The Phuket Trickeye museum may seem a little bland at first, but once you see the results of the photos it wakes up your imagination and creative side.  Just go in for about and hour and get your photos in. The best part is capturing some of the most humorous moment of your trip.

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7. The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is just something you have to see. We immediately notice that there is some construction going on, however, that doesn’t take away from its beauty.  Once you climb your way to the top the view is just breathtaking and worth every breath. Take a few minutes and swing by.

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8. Patong Beach Area

The Patong Beach area wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, however, I can see why others would flock to this place. If you are with a wild bunch that loves to party, than this is the spot for you. I specifically didn’t like the constant solicitation of strip clubs and ping-pong shows being forced down our throats, with nude photos and pornographic images everywhere you turn.  This happens, especially, around Bangla Road where a lot of the nightclubs, strip clubs, and go-go bars are. If you can learn to ignore this type of vibe, you can make the best out of this place. There are tons of vendors, street food, restaurants, bars, and clubs to hop through.

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  1. I like your list of alternative things to do in Phuket that I have not seen on many other travel blogs. I look a good rum cocktail so I think I will have to add the rum distillery to my list. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Thank you. I always try to include things outside of the “touristy” world of travel. Stay tuned for future posts and please subscribe! Thanks for reading!


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