25 Types of Travelers: Which Kind Are You?

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We all know that travelers come in many forms, shapes, and sizes.  They also come with their own baggage (and we are not talking about checked luggage).  Which traveler are you? I hope you pack light!

1.  The “Disorient” Traveler

You are ready to head back from a long day of touring the town.  You look around, but everything looks the same. You have no clue where you are. Your GPS does not work and you try asking a stranger to only realize that they don’t speak your language. So they point you into the direction you need to go in. However, his/her finger has an arch at the joint. Do you go straight or merge into the direction of the arch. Your sense of direction can never make any sense. You will get it right though. One of these days, you will remember where you are going, after going to the places you have been.

2.  The “Culturally IN-appropriate” Traveler

You have no chill. You have a justifiable motivation for acceptance. You act out on assumptions that you learned from mainstream media about places you never been before.  You go to places to make overstatements, because you want to more than just fit in. You want to become one with the people. They will love you for “highly” acknowledging their culture.

3.  The “Sweet-N-Low” Traveler

Traveling is a sweet, little delight for you. You flock to places where the fish are plentiful and you don’t mind spending a little extra change for it. You get treated like royalty with the same treatment you can never receive from your very own home country.  You feel loved and adored when you travel to these specific destinations.  You keep it on the low. You can’t get enough of getting your groove back and it’s nobody’s business!

4.  The “Inside-the-Box” Traveler

You cannot find it upon yourself to travel outside the country and have no desire to do so. There is too much drama going on in the world. Why should you put yourself in harm’s way? You hear too many horror stories about traveling abroad. You are pretty sure you are not missing much. You have everything you need right in the backyard of your very own country.

5.  The “Go-Go” Traveler

You are just that….always on the go!  For whatever reason, there is always a race with time. The bit$% can’t give you a break. There is always something. Either you miss a flight, miss a tour, oversleep, have a wardrobe malfunction, get kidnapped, or have to take your unicorn to the vet, but it’s never your fault. Time needs to slow down! Not everyone is in a hurry!

6.  The “ParaNose” Traveler

Can’t nobody get nuthin’ pass you! You know who is trying to skip the lines. You know whose unattended bag has been sitting there for more than five minutes.  You have your theft proof backpack, that I actually recommend as an affiliate (i.e. LOCTOTE Flak Sack – The Original Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack | Anti-theft | Theft-Proof Travel Backpack | Lockable | Slash-Resistant) and you are wearing your money pouch, which I also recommend for cautious travelers (i.e. Ody Travel Gear Money Belt for Travel RFID Undercover Passport Holder – Secret Hidden Waist Pouch), on the inside of your skinny jeans.  Everybody wants your money. You are NOT eating anything, because you might get sick. You are not leaving the parameters of the hotel because there are people out there!

7.  The “Conscious” Traveler

Your eyes are wide open in search of the truth. You visit museums and historical sites to put pieces together. You are very aware and learning that there are a lot of things that you were never taught in school. You want to discover more, to make sense of a history that might have been brushed under the rug for whatever suspicious reason(s).

8.  The “Entitled” Traveler

You can’t understand why these people can’t speak your language. Everybody speaks your language. You are the one spending your money, so everyone should speak your language.  You go to other 2countries to feel at home, literally. You expect first class service in third world countries, because you are the reason they are hanging by a thread. They wish that they were you, and they should be grateful when you bless them with your presence.

9.  The “007-Mission Possible” Traveler

You are on a mission to bring people closer to God. You do so by giving back to less fortunate communities, providing people with food, clothing, and vaccines. You teach them about faith, hope, and love. In your eyes, you have saved their lives, and it helps you sleep well at night, because in your heart…you did a good deed.

10.  The “Sober Drunk” Traveler

Man, life is rough. You couldn’t wait until this day. The “unbuckle seat belt” light comes on, and your finger tips dash for the assistance button. The flight attendant comes to your aide with that Jack Daniels on the rocks, and all of your troubles and stresses of the real world melts away. Let the party begin! There is always a cocktail on standby.  You want to know where all the live, night spots are. You go partying with the hotties and sleep into the late afternoon, to only wake up to do it again. Every day you dread the countdown to when you have to face the real world again. Click on the amazon affiliate pictures below to purchase a flask scarf, and even a flask bracelet! Bring your turn up, up a few notches by having your own supply for emergency refills!


11.  The “Traveler-Next-Door” Traveler

If you are “The Traveler-Next-Door” Traveler, you have been around the block quite a few times. You are our well-seasoned traveler. You are patient, and you make the perfect travel mate. You are a pro at this, and people usually seek travel advice from you.  You are opened minded and not afraid to go anywhere. Your limitations are limitless. You rock!

12. The “No-tato” Traveler

The group is going to explore the city. Ehhh…they can go ahead without you. You just want to rest! Is that too much to ask for? You just want to lay on the beach or by the pool and read your favorite novel. A beautiful view, an ice cold cocktail, and a peace of mind is the true definition of a perfect getaway.  Peace, be unto you.

13. The “Picture-Me-Travel” Traveler

You need a personal photographer to capture the true essence of your travels.  What would you do if you had to travel solo? Selfie galore!  Click on the following affiliate link to purchase the perfect selfie stick for the Picture-Me-Traveler, Eocean Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote, Tripod Stand for iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/X/iPhone 7/7 Plus/Galaxy Note 8/S8 /S8 Plus/Googl & More (with Cellphone Camera Lens/Fisheye as gift) Common phrases you use are,  “Take me a pic”, “Let’s take a picture,” “Let me take a picture,” “Can you take us a pic,” or anything of that nature. Every step of your experience should be accounted for. Even if you have to miss out on the actual experience to do it.  If you are going to miss out on the experience, you might as well do it with the perfect camera. Here is a top quality camera that I have personally purchased myself, GoPro HERO5 Black. The pics are amazing and look so professional, its small, light, and works underwater.

14.  “GFM” Traveler

You, The Go Fund Me Traveler, have travel at the top of your list of priorities. No matter the financial circumstances, you still manage to make your way onto the next trip.  Traveling is a job within itself, because hustling and sacrifices are made to make it happen.  If you have to max out a credit card(s), skip a mortgage or two, bring a loaf of bread and sandwich meat to accommodate meals, add members to your “I Owe You” Club, or dodge debtors like Neo in The Matrix, ohhhh…you are going on this trip!

15.  The “High Roller” Traveler

Why travel when you can’t experience the high roads of traveling?  You want to try it all.  You look for connects before you even arrive, because the first thing you want to do when you get off that plane is get high.  You go to places with the good stuff, making your experience more of a utopia than anyone can ever imagine.

16.  The “Hip-Hopper” Traveler

You have no limits and you are the free spirit of traveling.  You know how to travel on a dime. Experience is important to you, so you don’t mind sleeping in hostels, at motels, on couches, on long train rides, and etc.  You are probably what we call “backpackers” today,  “the true hippies of the travel world”.

17.  The “Phil-and-P” Traveler

You know you can’t save the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t die trying. You are, the most likely of all travelers, to travel to places that nobody wants to go.  You offer your services to the world by helping others. You are a country’s true gift.  You are very humble. Philanthropy at its finest.

18.  The “Shark-in-a-Tank” Traveler

Traveling for you is a business opportunity.  You travel to different places, to not only enjoy the experience but also to look for different ways to make money.  The wheels are always turning and you look for ideas that you can bring back with you, or you look for ways to bring business to places that need them.  You are a boss.  Networking is a permanent spot on your agenda.

19. The “Neo” Traveler

Welcome to the world of Travel. Everything is new to you.  Be careful, because your first experience sets the foundation on your perception of travel. Your best bet is to travel with the “Traveler-Next-Door.” Not too many other travelers would have the patience to deal with your inexperience unless it’s another NeoTraveler.  If you choose to do it alone, congratulations, you may even be a potential, future Traveler-Next-Door. Take a look at The 7 Things to Know Before Traveling Overseas for the First Time.

20.  The “Solo” Traveler

Time waits for no one.  Planning group trips have always been a disaster. People waste your time and money so it’s better to just go by yourself,  less stress and headache. You don’t have to wait on anyone. You don’t have to listen to anybody complain. You can do exactly what you want to do without the compromise.

21.  The “Ret-To-Go” Traveler

You are probably one of the most unpleasant of the travelers. Everywhere you go, you are ready to go.  Some may consider you a dead beat downer, a party pooper, a crab, or just plain out miserable.  Being brought into situations/experiences that you can’t grasp or understand, makes you feel uncomfortable. You are probably better off being an “Inside-the-Box” Traveler.

22.  The Thotful Traveler

Your “black book” is full of country codes.  You travel to exotic destinations to fulfill your most inner erotic desires. You want to know if it’s true. Are the French more romantic? Are the Africans really “warriors”?  Are Americans really kinky? Your travel goals are to experience encounters of the flesh. Nobody knows you, so no one can judge you. So, why not? You travel with very little to no boundaries. You like to have your wall of love come down every now and again.

23.  The “Dare Angel” Traveler

You are bold enough to do what others are afraid to do, such as:  jumping out of planes, camping in wild safaris, or even swimming in a tank full of predators. With the type of travel ambitions you display, people may believe you have some type of death wish.  You want to live your life to the fullest. There is nothing devilish about that.

24.  The BaeCation Traveler

Every time you travel you are always accompanied by a significant other. It is like honeymooning over and over and over again. Bae may be a spouse, a potential spouse, a friend with benefits or simply two individuals who share a romantic interest in one another. Everyone loves a good baecation at times.

25.  The “Blogger” Traveler

Not to be confused for the Picture-Me-Travel Traveler, you actually have a job to do that nobody understands unless you are a blogger. You are capturing moments to share with the world, because that is part of what your job entails.  Although, you are The Traveler-Next-Door and even The Conscious Traveler combined, you are always looking for information that may be suitable to the travel needs of your audience. Comment below if you would like to add to the list. I’d like to hear your thoughts!  Good travels to you!

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