72 Hours in Bangkok: What to Do?

You may be one of those travelers who bounce from region to region in one trip, therefore, time is limited and who wants to waste it trying to figure out what to do?  Following are some ideas and tips to consider when building your short itinerary while still tapping into a meaningful trip to Bangkok.

1. Take a Tuk Tuk Everywhere You Go

You really can’t go wrong with taking a tuk tuk. What is a “tuk tuk” you ask? A tuk tuk is pretty much a taxi on three wheels.  Think of being on a motorized tricycle with a roof.  Tuk tuks are usually cheaper than regular taxis, and they often negotiate their fares based on where you are trying to go.  Don’t be afraid to talk down your price. Take a tuk tuk and use the open, panoramic views to explore the city at the same time.

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2. Visit The Temple of the “Reclining Buddha”

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is also known as Wat Pho. Bangkok is known for having many, many temples, however, Wat Pho is one of the oldest and most famous temples known for having one of the largest collections of Buddha statues/images in Thailand. The level of detail used in the architectural design of this temple is a sight to see.

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     3. A Night Out in the Town

Bangkok is a busy city with tons of restaurants and bars to experience.  See what the nights have to offer, from hanging with locals, to enjoying the views at a rooftop bar, to even turning up at a nightclub in the middle of the city.

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Pictures from: Above Eleven Rooftop Bar and Insanity Nightclub


4.  Take a Ferry or Riverboat Ride Along the Chao Phraya River

Rather you book a private tour or take an express boat, there are many ways to cruise the waters of Bangkok. Many also enjoy floating markets, that you may encounter during your tour, which offers a cool experience of shopping from vendors floating near by.  Check out the local piers for the location of your convenience or book through a private tour company for your cruise preference.

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5.  Going in April?  Partake in the Biggest Water Fight in the World at the Songkran Festival!

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