Haiti: More Than a Third World, See why!



As we all know, the media can be so negative towards third world countries, which discourages tourism to those country. Lack of tourism makes it difficult to stimulate the economy of these places. Haiti is no stranger to such victimization, but I would like to share with you the hidden jewels of Haiti that the media chooses not to promote into its destructive propaganda.  I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully, this may urge you and others to step outside of the box and see the true essence of a gem covered in debris.


Haiti is a huge, mountainous island shared with a more lucrative country, as we all know as, the Dominican Republic.  As history begins to absolve itself, the proof reveals the similar racial and economic struggles that we experience here in the U.S. and other black nations around the world.  Nobody ever questions why third world countries are just that…”third world countries”. Coincidentally, they all share the same common denominator:  that of European/Arab colonialism and/or slave trade.

Haiti, known for overthrowing the French during the Haitian Revolution that began in 1791, came with a hefty fine. Haitians were forced to pay reparations in turn for their freedom. Nobody ever talks about the restitution that Haitians had to pay in return, just for their freedom, costing Haiti billions of dollars to be paid to France for the loss of “damages and property (slaves)”.  Haiti has finally paid off that debt to France in the 1940’s, which is a large contribution to the demise of Haiti’s economy.

Haiti was set up to fail. Embargoes and boycotts of international trade on Haiti caused further damage to the economy.  Natural disasters and disease outbreaks were another.  Haiti is not a poor country, however, the people are poor. Just as Africa, it is commonly stripped of its resources and taken advantage of by foreign business entrepreneurs. How much longer can Haiti hold on to it’s independence without having to lean or surrender its republic to the U.S., such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands?

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