Are Your Ready to be an Overseas Contractor?

Working overseas can make a lot of dreams come true. It is a career that has many advantages, but beware, there are some disadvantages. Overseas contracting is not for everyone.  Are you interested in working overseas?  Take the quiz below and see if it is right for you:




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  1. According to this quiz, I should stay home. I’ve been an expat for over 15 years and spent most of university abroad. I hope it doesn’t discourage people from giving it a try.


  2. There are many ways to work overseas. Rather it be teaching abroad or just running a business. However, contracting often times involve the government and clearances may be required. Not sure if you ever did contracting before, but there are requirements that you must have in order to even be considered. Not saying that you wouldn’t be qualified, but if you have things counting against you such as, debt or a criminal background, that may count against your chances of being hired. I hope this clears things up for you.


  3. I’ve been a consultant/contractor for UN, a USAID, Swiss Development, UKAID, and about seven other major agencies. I also opened a business with 60 employees. I speak 6 languages and spent the majority of my undergrad time abroad. I have worked as an executive for a multinational investment firm supervising staff in 12 countries.
    My point is this quiz could discourage people from trying their hand a living overseas based on some perfunctory questions and answers. Along with a friend (10 year expat) who also took the quiz and it said she should stay home, we started a site to give people access to opportunities to work abroad and advice on how to do it.


  4. The agencies that you mention are not even under Department of State of Department of Defense. Therefore, requirements are not the same. There are many ways to work overseas, but they all walk different paths. Perhaps, maybe the title of the quiz needs to be specified, in which I will change. Thank you for the feedback.


  5. Also, since you and your friends have a website to help people work overseas, I am open to sharing that and getting it out if you are willing to share that info with me. The quiz is not to discourage, it is designed to help people determine if they should waste their time applying for something they wouldn’t even be considered for. If you are delinquent on debt or have a criminal past, the government won’t consider you. The other questions are based on the psychology of the job and if you’re mentally prepared. Not everyone has the mental capacity to work in such possibly extreme conditions, rather it be, dangerous, hazardous, inconsistent, etc. Although it’s an awesome experience, it is not a walk in the park for everyone.


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